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08 Ago

Isabela R., Karina H., Gustavo Y., Alejandro O., Bethania B., Jayme F., Fabiana B., Frederick D., Edgar S., Michael E., Facundo G.B., Danilo B., Eric E., Virginie G.
  • 15/08/2013

Pharmacokinetic Drug-drug interaction Study of Benznidazole and E1224 in healthy Male Volunteers.


Chagas disease (CD) is an important global neglected tropical disease, where new, better tolerated, therapeutic options are needed. Benznidazole (BNZ) is the drug of choice for treating adults and children with CD. E1224 (ravuconazole ([RVZ]) prodrug) is an antifungal drug with promising anti-T. cruizi activity, but unsatisfactory clinical results in monotherapy. Combination treatment is a well-recognised treatment modality, with potential in CD to improve efficacy and asfety and reduce putative risk of resistance.


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